Foxes Island Wine Tasting - Event Ticket - SOLD OUT

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Foxes Island Wine Tasting - Event Ticket - SOLD OUT

If ever a film were made about New Zealand wine, John Belsham would be the leading man. He cut his winemaking teeth in Bordeaux before becoming one of New Zealand's most highly-regarded winemakers. In 1992 he established Foxes Island Wines, an estate in Marlborough's coveted Awatere sub-region, to focus on exquisitely made wine. His wines are now sought the world over and the accolades keep coming. 

John within his consulting practice designs wineries, and has worked with the French architect Jean Nouvel in France. Since 2000, Belsham has been a Wine Consultant to Air New Zealand and since 2003 has been the Chief Wine Judge for Cuisine Magazine.

We're delighted to be able to bring you this exclusive tasting of his wines by his partner in crime and life Kelly Brown. Each wine combining centuries of French winemaking technique with pure, single-vineyard Awatere fruit. 

Need we say more!