Let the BBQ season begin

Lara Toyne

With Summer just around the corner let’s talk barbeques! We all love them; it’s what summer is all about right? I mean is it even summer without getting your friends and family around for a barbecue? Some people argue that it’s the tong etiquette that is most important come barbeque season, with many debates starting over who holds the tongs and how many times do you really need to turn those sausages but I say when it comes to important barbecue decisions it’s all about the wine choices...Which is far more exciting! For me the barbeque fun starts with finding the perfect bottle of wine to share with friends, BUT I know for many people that experience can bring on the dreaded wine buying anxiety …what will they like? What will go with the steak? What will impress and taste amazing? So many questions which will inevitably lead to standing in front of an overwhelming amount of wine in the supermarket wondering “what do I buy”. This is where the “middle shelf rule” comes in… you know you can’t take the $10 bottle but you also don’t want to get the $40 bottle so you reach out and grab the one on the middle shelf …it has to be good right? I mean it’s not from the bottle shelf?! What if I told you that you could totally avoid this whole experience …in fact you don’t even need to go into a supermarket at all! Was that a sigh of relief I heard? ...well listen up here is a way to arrive with the right wine every time! Let me introduce you to three perfect summer reds…they are not only delicious, but they will impress your friends and pair perfectly with that barbeque meal... The first is a styley little number called Hey Malbec . Now I am a big Malbec lover and this one does not disappoint. The superhero inspired label is quirky and different and a conversation starter in itself. Once you have impressed your mates with a unique looking bottle you can impress them with the wine inside. This 2018 wine is all things blackberries, blueberries, pepper and spice which equals absolutely delicious! If you are more of a Hawkes Bay Syrah kinda lover then the Alpha Domus 2017 Syrah is for you! It is the perfect food wine and would match incredibly well with barbequed meats or other summer treats like a vegetable packed pasta – YUM! This one really is easy drinking and sure to be a hit! And last but not least the 2017 Yalumba Grenache Shiraz Mataro this one is an ideal barbeque wine made to be enjoyed over a casual meal. It is very smooth and full of juicy red fruits, liquorice and smoke. Oooh so good, I think I could drink this wine at every barbeque over summer and never get sick of it! And to make it even easier, all three wines are available online or call in and see the team... no overwhelming supermarket trip required- see I told you it was easy!

By Wine in High Heels

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